Barbara Gonzalez: It's Okay To Pursue Your Own Version Of Happy

Barbara Gonzalez and I started Creating Espacios in 2016. We were both incredibly new to the podcast world and found ourselves learning as we went along. Together we learned how smaller rooms make for better podcast studios and the best systems to put in place before interviews. 

We were also first time business partners, but longtime friends. 

We talked about life just as much as we talked about the logistics behind an episode, which is the overall narrative of how things began to change at the end of last year. We were both at a crossroads of what would happen next with Creating Espacios — this episode fills in those gaps for you. 

Listen to Barbara's episode on iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn here. 


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“I can only be as good to them as I am to myself” - @vivnunez

“It’s an interesting place to be with fear, it’s like I know you’re super scary, but also we got this.” - @vivnunez

“Once you make your peace that everyone brings something to the table, it’s so much easier to build each other up.”

“You should have more pride in your work – yes, people should be listening, we’re creating awesome content that’s helping people.” - @ohhaibarbie

“You do have to take pride in what you do, no one is going to give that to you.” - @ohhaibarbie

“Being okay owning your amazingness.” - @ohhaibarbie

“Don’t be afraid to be yourself Creating Espacios listeners.” - @ohhaibarbie

“Never be afraid of who you are, never be afraid of raising your voice, especially when there’s a purpose behind it.” - @ohhaibarbie



Vivian Nunez