Creating Espacios Hour

A couple of weeks ago I got to bring Creating Espacios to life in a pretty amazing way. Our title sponsor, WeAllGrow Latina, puts on an annual Summit in California for one of the most lively crowds I've ever had the pleasure to meet. 

This year, Creating Espacios was invited to host, what we called, Creating Espacios Hour. 

We had an incredible host — Brittney Castro — intro us all and throughout the hour long session, 4 Latinas (myself included!) were able to share a lesson learned in their entrepreneurial journey. The gist? We were doing it in a very CE format. The women were to share the story and clearly state the takeaways the Latina entrepreneurs in the crowd could apply to their own careers. 

Now, here's where this gets really cool — the audio from the session was packaged as a standalone podcast episodes, which means you get to experience the magic too! 

This episode is extra long, but it just means it's packed with that much more wisdom. To kickoff the episode, Ana Flores, CEO of WeAllGrow, gives a little background on how her and I met and why they decided to sponsor this season of CE. 

Listen to this Creating Espacios episode on iTunesStitcher and TuneIn here.  (Produced by Jorge Estrada)


Here's a rundown of how the rest of the episode plays out and why you'll want to tune in for the whole thing: 


Vivian Nunez (aka @vivnunez aka me!) 

I start the CE Hour with a bit of background on how my journey started. I touch on Too Damn Young, my Instagram and how vulnerability is my every day hustle. 


Photo courtesy of Tyler Babin

Photo courtesy of Tyler Babin

FrancesCa Kennedy (aka @ixstyle)

Francesca is the Founder of IX Style and the person you'll want to pay close attention to if you're wondering how to get your brand in front of the right eyes. She takes us through her journey of how Guatemala inspired IX Style, how she got Rebecca Minkoff to invest and where she's going from here. 

Patty Rodriguez (aka @pattyrodriguez)

If you're a hardcore Creating Espacios fan, you'll know Patty from Season 1. On her first appearance on CE we talked about her life and career — from working as the Senior Producer at "On Air With Ryan Seacrest" to her jewelry line to the bilingual children's book series she launched with her best friend. During CE Hour, Patty takes us a little deeper and gets real about impostor syndrome. 

Beatriz Acevedo (aka @beatrizacevedogreiff)

To round out an amazing hour of inspirational stories, Beatriz Acevedo (Founder Partner + President at mitu) shared some real wisdom on how your voice is your most powerful tool. No more calladita te ves mas bonita (you look prettier quiet) around here! 


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