Denise Paredes: You Wanting It Is Enough Of A Reason To Follow Your Dreams

Denise Paredes is the Founder of Equal Uprise, a brand dedicated to making handcrafted, ethically-made objects produced in Ecuador and Tunisia. You may have come across Equal Uprise on Instagram, where shots of their beautiful backpacks or alpaca blankets piece together a beautiful feed. 

Above the branding and triple bottom line approach behind Equal Uprise, Denise turned her episode of Creating Espacios into a call-to-action. 

Any Latina listening should be inspired to jump at their dream and to not let something like being a solo Founder or Creator stop them from betting on themselves. And for the moments when it may get lonely, the key, according to Denise, is to surround yourself with people who remind you of your roots. (I know, I'm nodding my head in agreement too.) 

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“The truth is that you don’t know and you won’t know until you just do it.” @equaluprise 

“Those 3 seconds between ‘Am I going to do it?’ and ‘I’m doing it’ — are the scariest ones.” - @vivnunez

“Surround yourself with people who support you. You want to be surrounded by people who believe in your abilities, that know you, that know what you can do and people who are going to keep you in check.” - @equaluprise

“You’re going to be your hardest judge — but when you sit around people who know you and your pitfalls and they still say that you can overcome that because they know that you can, sometimes it takes that to reach within yourself and say, “yeah, you’re probably right.” - @equaluprise

“That voice in your head is very judgeamental and if something goes wrong you’re the one who’s coming down the worst on yourself. If you have people who are very much like hey it didn’t work out but it’s fine you’re going to come back from it. It works best in the success aspect and the failure aspect.” - @vivnunez

“That’s been my biggest motivator, they’re what have allowed me to keep challenging myself because at the end of the day I have a small list of people who those are the opinions that really matter to me.” - @vivnunez

“The people that really matter, they love me no matter what the project is that I’m working on.” - @vivnunez

“Everyone always has a pessimist that they really have to watch out for because even though they have really good points, that can also feed into your own insecurities.”  - @equaluprise

“Business is just another personal relationship.” - @equaluprise

“Resilience is one of the best things that we’ve gotten from the Latino culture” - @vivnunez

“I don’t like to give up.” - @equaluprise


Vivian Nunez