Marly Gallardo: Building Your Hustle Starts With Not Selling Yourself Short (Plus, A Creating Espacios IRL event?)



Marly Gallardo is a RISD-educated artist based out of New York City, but more than that she's a creative driven Latina who understands the very common dilemma of how your family and your hustle sometimes pull you in different directions. 

Her advice? Set boundaries, prioritize your work and the passion that's driving it, and be sympathetic (but set in your ways) when it comes to your family. 

Whether you're in college and balancing life there with life back at home, or living in your own place trying to launch your solo-business — the key is to understand that your family sometimes just doesn't understand, and that's okay. Instead of dwelling on what they don't understand, focus on your work and on showing them why this is important to you. 

When it comes to clients, Marly emphasizes valuing your time and work. 

Throughout this episode we talk about the importance of pricing your work correctly, whether you'd be interested in an IRL Creating Espacios event and how to balance being twenty-something and an independent creative. 

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