Francesca Kennedy: On How To Act On Your Passions, Instead Of Your Fears

Francesca Kennedy is the founder of Ix Style, a socially responsible brand that produces huarache sandals and donates 15% of its profits to organizations that help bring clean water to Guatemala. 

Ix Style was founded in 2011 by Francesca after a visit to Guatemala that made her realize two things: (1) That the lake she had so many memories with was heavily polluted and (2) that the artisans in the village were being impacted by the lack of tourism the lake's pollution was causing. 

"There were moments of small fears, but the big fear of taking that leap was really natural."

In an effort to create a sustainable giveback model, Francesca left her corporate job and started Ix Style. Together with artisans from Guatemala, Ix Style produces modern huarache sandals that showcase both the beauty of Guatemala's culture, while also paying it forward. 

Since its inception, Francesca has secured funding for Ix style, created a series of voluntourism trips that showcase Guatemala's tourism and the artisans behind Ix's designs, and built relationships with a long list of influencers who spread Ix Style's mission, far and wide. 

In our episode of Creating Espacios, Francesca (who you also met in last week's episode) tells the story of how she started Ix Style, how she was able to cultivate these relationships and where it's going next. 

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