Marines Duarte: Why Latinas Are Princess Warriors

In 2016, Marines took the stage at WeAllGrow Latina's Summit and her life changed, her life's mission though? That's always been the same. 

She's been in the business of championing women (and the causes important to them) for her entire life. 

As the founder of En Tus Zapatos, a one-stop shop for women who are conquering life at home, at work and in their relationships, Marines has created a safe haven for moms who want to embrace their careers and Latinas killing it at work who want to start a family. 

Her personal brand is an example of that it's not enough to talk the talk on social, you need to live it in your every day.

And, with her newest endeavor, she's taken her personal mission one step further. 

Princesas Guerreras, or Princess Warriors, is a social awareness campaign (with an incredible social media presence) that works to end domestic violence and promotes gender equality. 

In this episode of Creating Espacios, Marines walks us through how she got the idea for Princesas Guerreras, what her career has taught her and how you can be a catalyst for change. 

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