Gina Rodriguez: On The Importance of Being A Meaningful Specific, Instead of A Wandering Generality

Image: @hereisgina Twitter

Image: @hereisgina Twitter


Getting the chance to have Gina Rodriguez on an episode of Creating Espacios is pipe-dream come true. Since the beginning of Creating Espacios, when it was both Barbara Gonzalez and I hosting, we always admired Gina for being a Latina trailblazer. Now more than a season and a half later, I got the chance to ask Gina for her opinion on some of the questions that we bring up all the time on Creating Espacios. 

We focused on topics like moving past the Latinx guilt when it comes to pursuing a dream that's outside the lines of your family's traditional steps. We also dived deep into why self-care is something worth teaching ourselves and how her own mom's extreme selflessness led to her embrace of a bit more selfishness. The theme of the episode was inspired by the campaign Gina has partnered with AT&T with that encourages Latinxs to live life on their own terms and conditions. So you know this is a good episode.

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“You need to be able to present yourself as a meaningful specific…” #CreatingEspacios @hereisgina @vivnunez

“Cultural norms are created and they can be destroyed.” #CreatingEspacios @hereisgina @vivnunez

On Latinx guilt: “If i didn’t have my two older sisters who went before me to college and created successful careers I know I would have that guilt”

“For latino culture, many cultural norms should be recreated. not only the idea that your children should go out and get an education, and leave home, and maybe study abroad and maybe travel the world.”

“We need to collectively change that we shouldn’t feel bad about becoming stronger meaningful specifics.” @hereisgina @vivnunez #CreatingEspacios

“It’s on your terms and conditions because that’s when success happens.” @hereisgina @vivnunez #CreatingEspacios

“It has to be on our own terms and conditions because they’re so specifically different because they’re so dual identity.”

“Enough about living with the narrative that we’ve been told, we’re going to rewrite our own.” @hereisgina @vivnunez #CreatingEspacios

“I’m balancing by being conscientious and aware of sometimes my inability to balance.” @hereisgina @vivnunez #CreatingEspacios

“My terms and my conditions aren’t mutually exclusive to just doing it myself.” @hereisgina @vivnunez #CreatingEspacios

“I absolutely believe that I am the product of someone so selfless that she taught me that selfishness is needed.”

Vivian Nunez