Mitzi Gaitan: On Being Twenty-Something, First Generation and No Longer Just Surviving

Growing up as a first-generation Latina looks different for everyone. For me, it was growing up in Washington Heights - a lower-income, incredibly diverse neighborhood in NYC. For this week's guest (and, full disclosure, my friend), Mitzi Gaitan, it was growing up as the oldest in a family based out of California. 

"I’m just Mitzi trying to make it in this world” 

Her parents are immigrants, their hustle is so real and all they passed down to Mitzi can not be questioned. She is a strong, goal-oriented and compassionate twenty-something who is realizing that she's coming into more — opportunity and money — than her family has previously encountered. 

Throughout the episode we chat about how to apply the lessons learned in past Creating Espacios episodes to our own lives, what living without being in just survival mode looks like and why having a good group of friends around is essential to a successful work-life balance. 

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