Leticia Gonzalez-Reyes: Beginning Makes The Conditions Perfect (So, No More Excuses)

Leticia Gonzalez-Reyes is the co-founder of 109 World and this week's guest on Creating Espacios. The space Leticia and her two friends, Olivia Rothschild and Rachel Brathen (who you may know as Yoga Girl), have created is devoted to making a social impact using every single person's social reach. 

Through unique service trips, 109 world gives anyone the opportunity to spread some happiness in the world in a very serviceable way. Throughout our conversation we got dive into what it means to be Latina, how her Brazilian roots have played into her desire to help others and how it's not all about perfect timing, it's about making time work in your favor. 

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109 World's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/109world/

Vivian's Twitter: https://twitter.com/vivnunez

Vivian's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vivnunez/

Vivian Nunez