Natalie Boden: You Are The Architect Of Your Own Life


The mastermind behind BODEN — a communication agency headquartered in Miami and known for its work around the country — is Natalie Boden. Natalie and I dove in deep from the get-go of this episode. We talked heart and balancing life/work and why taking ownership of your story goes hand in hand with building a personal brand. 

"The way to build your brand is to continuously position yourself in the way you’d like to be viewed," explains Boden. 

And, like we've mentioned before in previous episodes, that takes sitting with yourself and understanding what your goals are and who you are in this moment. Natalie has mastered this skill. She credits much of her success to understanding when grinding was her top priority and when to have it take more of a backseat. 

Take her advice to heart, you'll be all the better for it. 

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"You write the story of you and see how you can break up that story in posts throughout the day"

"Following your passion points can help you nail down your personal brand"

"You’re the architect of your own life"

"Things don’t happen unless you ask, or you try, or you say yes"

Vivian Nunez