Denise Soler Cox: On Being Latina, Being American And Learning To Choose Yourself


And just like that it's the final episode of Creating Espacios, Season 2. It's been a ride and I'm so pumped that we're able to close it off with Denise Soler Cox. 

Denise is the co-founder of Project ñ, a movement that is anchored in the many worlds first-generation Latinx-Americans live in. It touches on how you're not alone if you feel like you're not Latinx enough or American enough or committed to your family enough or committed to yourself enough. 

Throughout our conversation we dive into what it takes to put together a documentary for such a movement and how doing so helped Denise come out of her shell and really learn to tell her story. The episode does an amazing job of putting the cherry on top of a season that has unintentionally always focused on inspiring you to learn to put yourself first. 

We talk about how challenging yourself to put your happiness is the best thing you can do for you and your family. 

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“My intention is never to hurt someone’s feelings but I do need to preserve myself and I need to create environments where i can thrive and a lot of time that means taking time to myself so I can continue to give to other people."

“If we don’t set up our lives to have people understand and support what we need for our own self enrichment, the world will not do it for us. If anything, the world will question us for doing those things so we must be hyper vigilant in doing that.”

“People change. you can change from being a person who’s afraid and indulges that fear to a person that’s willing to be afraid and do it anyway.”

Vivian Nunez