Liz Flores: Selfish For Taking Care Of Yourself Isn’t Selfish


Being twenty-something and a Latinx is a specific kind of reality. So often we’re pulled between wanting to live the lives our families worked so hard to provide for us and deeply understanding that we’ll do their dreams for us more justice if we follow our own hearts. In this episode of Creating Espacios, artist and all-around awesome creative, Liz Flores, walks us through how she went about leaving her corporate job for a creative life — and how she broke it to her family.

Spoiler alert: the story includes her making the decision and acting on it, before sitting her parents down for the talk.

To Liz, acting on it before she talked to her family was the one way she knew that their voices wouldn’t overpower her own.

Throughout the episode we underscore how important it is to trust that you know what’s best for you, even if your self-care actions seem selfish in the eyes of your family.

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“Sometimes you have to keep things to yourself in order to work up the courage to make the jump in your life.”

“You have this little seed you’re planting and in the beginning it’s not strong enough to stand up to really strong rain and wind and a lot of times your family and their opinion can be really strong rain and wind and it can’t stand up to that. I just felt that i needed to protect that plant and when it was strong enough then I would be able to share more with my family.”

“You cant change your family. their thoughts, their feelings, that’s on them, that’s not my responsibility. my responsibility is to just do what feels right to me and what i know is right for my life.”

“How people feel about my decisions is not my responsibility.”

“Our job is to do what is right for you, whatever comes after that is not your problem.”

Vivian Nunez