Saskia Sorrosa: From The NBA To Baby Food Entrepreneur, Why This Latina Encourages Following Your Passions


Saskia Sorrosa was burning both ends of the candle in 2015. She was closing in on her 11th year as a VP of Marketing at the NBA while simultaneously setting the groundwork for her new venture — Fresh Bellies.

Fresh Bellies is a flavorful baby food startup. Garlic? It has it. Bell pepper? Mixed in there. The goal with each container of baby food is to train a little one’s palate to enjoy vegetables without needing their tastes masked. For the brand — “adventurous eating starts here” — and for Saskia it started specifically in her own kitchen where she made food for her own little ones.

Throughout the episode you’ll find that following your passion isn’t just about what you give up in the process, but more so about all you gain through the journey. Saskia will expand on how to make your peace with leaving a secure job and how to kickstart a passion project that seems so simple in theory but entails all the hard work in execution.

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“You cannot answer your own questions.”

“You have to listen to feedback because it’s information that’s helping you grow and get better the next time around.”

“How do I build allies along the way to get us where we need to go.”

“There aren’t many obstacles to getting your business running - it’s just work.”

“You use every positive comment and supportive influence to keep pushing you, an inch every day, because otherwise you stall.”

“If you really use the passion that you have and those positive comments to get you to the next step you just keep going and it snowballs into this thing that then you call your business.”

“Yes, I gave up something, but I gained so much more just by moving in the direction of my passion.”

Vivian Nunez