Regina Merson: You Have The Right To Change Your Mind


When Regina Merson realized that she had poured all her energy into building a law career others could be proud of, she did something she had never given herself time to do — she gave herself space and time to have fun. She used hobbies and time to herself as techniques to calm the anxiety that had been making her miserable for as long as she was a lawyer.

Eventually she realized that the one thing she was gravitating towards easily was makeup. For Merson, makeup was an escape from the predictable life she was expected to lead as a lawyer. When she decided to delve into the startup world, makeup also became the stepping stone to the next iteration of her career.

Now, Merson is the founder of Reina Rebelde, a makebrand that is proudly Latina-owned and operated.

During our episode of Creating Espacios, Regina shares why you have a right to change your mind and how to work yourself out of any rut you may be in.

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“I had an immigrant mentality of not letting anything go to waste that came my way, but that created a pressure cooker about going out and achieving things that other people wanted for me.”

“The more I achieved what others wanted from me the less satisfied I felt.” 

“What happens If you turn your back on everything everyone is applauding you for? Will you no longer be loved? It’s a primal fear that I really grappled with.” 

“The price I was willing to pay internally to keep doing things to gratify other people.”

“I can love and respect myself enough that if everyone turns their back on me because I walk away from this amazing career…I will be okay.” 

“You’re on the precipice of something — if you do not take that leap, you will be sick, internally, health wise, psychologically, emotionally.”

“The point of our lives is to hit inflection points and make a decision to leap. When you don’t make a decision to leap, you’re in essence saying no to growth.” 

“There is an internal wisdom in all of us” 

“How quickly admitting it instead of resisting it, switched my energy and allowed my anxiety to just keep calming down” 

“In play you tap into your true self” 

“How okay it is to give life to all of those dualities” 

“There’s nothing that replaces getting up every day and feeling aligned with who you are, who you are presenting yourself to be in the world and feeling that what you’re doing is so authentic to who you are in the world and what you want out of your life.”

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